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Zombie Defense Pack 2018


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Zombie Defense Pack 2018
Zombie Defense Pack 2018

Defeat the Zombie Hordes with the updated Zombie Defense 2018 pack.  As always, the Zombie Defense pack includes all types of Zombie blasting and bashing weapons, and a new custom head designed and printed by Citizen Brick.


It includes:
• Custom Pad Printed Zombie Head from Citizen Brick 
• SABR Shotgun 
• M1903 Scoped Springfield Rifle 
• Radi8 .44 Pistol 
• M4-TAC Rifle 
• XMP Submachine Gun 
• Cricket Bat 
• Trench Mace 
• M16 Rifle 
• M21 Sniper Rifle 
• M9 Pistol 
• M1 Carbine (Full stock) 
• L85A1 Assault Rifle 
• ARC Rifle 
• Trench Knife 
• Combat SMG 
• Machete 
• Heavy Assault Carbine (HAC) 

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