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BA WWII Weapons Pack v2


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BA WWII Weapons Pack v2
BA WWII Weapons Pack v2
BA WWII Weapons Pack v2
The redesigned, updated V2 version of WWII weapons pack is now available.

(minifigs not included, of course).

• M1 Garand 
• M1 Carbine Para v2 
• M1911 
• MG34 with Ammo Drum 
• M24 Steilhangranate 
• Kar98 Rifle 
• Mp40 v3 
• Scoped Mosin Nagant 
• PPSh w/Ammo Drum 
• TT-33 
• Nambu Pistol 
• Type 100 SMG 
• Sten 
• Bren 
• M1 Steel Pot Helmet 
• Brodie Helmet 
• Russian SShh-40 Helmet 
• Stahlhelm 
• Type 90 Helmet

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