The Simpsons - Mr. Plow Pop! Vinyl #910

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The Simpsons - Mr. Plow Pop! Vinyl Figure

“Call Mr. Plow, that’s my name, that name again is Mr. Plow..”

Are you tired of having your hands cut off by snow blowers, and the inevitable heart attacks that come with shovelling snow? Well there’s now no need to call Klondike 5-3226, all you need now is Funko’s incredible new Mr. Plow Pop! Vinyl Figure!

Considered one of the greatest episodes of all time, ‘Mr. Plow’ originally aired in 1992 as part of The Simpsons fourth season. It sees Homer become a neighbourhood hero when he buys a snowplough and clears his neighbours' driveways. Well, that is until The Plow King arrives on the scene.

This new Mr. Plow Pop! Vinyl Figure features Homer wearing the iconic jacket and hat from the episode, complete with logo on the back. Truly one of the most cromulent Simpsons Funko release to date.

Even though if you order you now you won’t receive a free t-shirt, you will still certainly embiggen your life. Don’t delay, eternal happiness is just a Simpsons Pop! Vinyl away!