Technic Yamaha MT-10 SP #42159 Light Kit

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Shine a light on 'the Dark Side of Japan' with LEGO Technic Yamaha MT-10 SP 42159 and Light My Bricks!

This light kit has been designed to highlight the precision engineering of this hyper-accurate 'Hyper Naked' Yamaha model. Featuring an economic 9 individual LED lights in total, including a pair of Large Cool White Bit Lights to light up the MT-10's headlights, as well as Red Bit Lights to make sure the taillight can be seen lit up, no matter where this amazing Technic display is placed.

Our handy Spotlights, in combination with a pair of extended custom clear light bars - throw up both purple and blue to cast a neon night glow, evoking the nocturnal colors of the city. Truly take your display proudly to the next level with Light My Bricks!

Light My Bricks LEGO Lighting Kits provide an easy way for LEGO fans to customize their models using LED lights. With detailed, step-by-step instructions, anyone can light up their LEGO set.

All our kits are plug and play - no electronics knowledge needed!


This kit contains:

  • 9 x Assorted Bit Lights

  • 2 x Expansion Boards
  • 1 x Connecting Cable
  • 4 x Adhesive Squares
  • 17 x Assorted Bricks
  • 1 x USB Power Cable (Power source not included)

    THIS IS FOR THE LIGHT KIT ONLY. LEGO set sold separately 


    User guide instructions for our kits can be found on the Users Guides section of our website.


    Do you have multiple Light My Bricks Lighting Kits or wish to light up multiple sets using a single power function?

    We have a Multi-Light Connection Kit which makes it easy to connect up to 4 lighting kits together. You can even connect these kits together to create an even larger single lighting circuit!