Star Wars: The Mandalorian - Child with Egg Canister Pop! Deluxe #407

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Star Wars: The Mandalorian - The Child (Baby Yoda) with Egg Canister Deluxe Pop! Vinyl Figure

The Mandalorian has finally returned to save us from 2020, which of course means the adorable little green guy, The Child (aka Baby Yoda) is back as well!

In 'Chapter 10: The Passenger', Ol’ Mando must transport a passenger, the Frog Lady, to an estuary moon called Trask where her husband will fertilise her eggs, and has information about other Mandalorians. Unfortunately those eggs don’t stand a chance when Baby Yoda is around!

Funko’s new Pop! Deluxe features The Child in awe of the canister full of the Frog Lady’s eggs, not because they’re pretty, but because he’s hungry.

Be sure to add him this amazing piece to your Funko collection today, so that you can keep an eye on the little guy and ensure these eggs don’t all get eaten.