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RGB Connecting Cable 15cm (4 pack)

Light My Bricks

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RGB Connecting Cable 15cm (4 pack)
RGB Connecting Cable 15cm (4 pack)

Important Note: This RGB Component is only compatible with other components from our RGB Range. 

Our RGB Connecting Cables are different to our ordinary Connecting Cables as they are made up of 4 individual wires. They can only be used with our RGB range of components. These particular RGB Connecting Cables are 15cm in length and come in a pack of 4.

Our RGB Lights are capable of projecting over 9 different colours and can connect to our RGB Board with its two built in OUT ports either directly or through our RGB Expansion Board. Set your desired colour or effect via using the RGB Board's accompanying Remote Control.

The RGB Strip Lights and RGB Expansion Boards require RGB Connecting Cables to connect together. Our ordinary Connecting Cable are not compatible with these strip lights as they have a different size input port.

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