Pixar - Alien Remix Emperor Zurg Pop! Vinyl #753

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Pixar - Alien Remix Emperor Zurg Pop! Vinyl Figure

Let’s be honest, it’s hard to find a Disney character more adorable than the Alien from Toy Story. First seen in the claw machine at Pizza Planet, this little guy quickly stole the hearts of fans worldwide, and now he plans to steal them again with Funko’s exciting new wave of Alien Remix Pop! Vinyl Figures, featuring the spaceman as various Disney characters.

Here we have Alien dressed up as the evil Emperor Zurg from Toy Story, somehow managing to make Buzz Lightyear's arch nemesis appear likeable.

Also available is the Alien Remixed with Buzz Lightyear, Dory, Dot, Carl, Dug and Russell. Don't forget to look out for the 10" Woody!

If there was ever a set of Pop! Vinyl Figures worth collecting, THESE are the ones! Seriously, how could you not want all of these little cuties bringing a smile to your face every time you look at your collection?!

The Alien Remix Pop! Vinyl Figures won’t last long, so be sure to order yours today. After all, you’ve always got a friend in them!