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LEGO® Mountain Police Headquarters 60174


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LEGO® Mountain Police Headquarters 60174
LEGO® Mountain Police Headquarters 60174

Beat Alert! A mysterious tree-shaped something moves outside over the steps. Nearby, a helicopter hovers at low altitude. What is the pilot doing with a chain and a hook? He tries to free his accomplice from prison! Load the net shooter on the roof of the station and fire it on the helicopter. The other policemen now jump into the vehicles to follow the crook on the ground. What is in the cave under the prison? Help! A mountain lion on the go! 

Equipment & Special Features:

  • Contains 7 minifigures: a police chief, pilot, 2 policemen and 3 crooks and a mountain lion figure.
  • Includes a two-story mountain police headquarters with a swivel satellite dish, power launcher, garage and ramp for a vehicle, prison cell with escape wall / door, escape rope, office with desks and a cave under the jail cell with a jumping out mountain lion, and a helipad with a ladder.
  • Also includes a police helicopter with rotating rotors and cockpit for a minifigure that can be opened, a helicopter rover with rotating rotors, cockpit for a minifigure that can be opened, chain with hooks, police quad with big blue light and a police motocross Motorcycle.
  • Hook the chain from the crook helicopter into the prison cell wall to free the crook.
  • Take off with the police helicopter and follow the crooks with the quad. Get the net launcher ready and hurl a net at the crooks' helicopter to force it to land.
  • Push the lever down behind the cave so that the mountain lion starts the crooks.
  • The accessories include 2 cups, 2 gold bars, mesh, binoculars, radio, flashlight, megaphone and 3 pairs of handcuffs.
  • This exciting children's toy is suitable for children aged 5 to 12 years.
  • The police helicopter is over 7 cm high, 19 cm long and 16 cm wide
  • The helicopter of the crooks is over 8 cm high, 22 cm long and 16 cm wide.
  • The police motocross motorcycle is over 3 cm high, 6 cm long and under 1 cm wide
  • The police quad is over 6 cm high, 12 cm long and 6 cm wide.
  • The police headquarters is over 24 cm high, 23 cm wide and 16 cm deep.
  • The heliport is over 6 cm high, 8 cm wide and 8 cm deep.

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