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LEGO® Mia's Tree House 41335


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LEGO® Mia's Tree House 41335
LEGO® Mia's Tree House 41335

Make the perfect hangout in the park with Mia from her brother's tree house for all her friends! Then pack Daniel's things in a box on the roof before going to college, and then help Mia decorate the tree house with pictures of her friends and family. Climb over the net to the second floor and throw away unwanted guests with the water pistol! If you want to visit Mia's bunny Cinnamon to bring him a carrot, slip over the zip line to Cinnamon's cottage. 

Equipment & Special Features:

  • Contains the characters Mia and Daniel as well as the bunny Cinnamon and the bird figure Mimì.
  • Contains a tree house, which can be reached via a ladder or a climbing net, with attic and opening roof as well as storage box, tree trunk with storage box and bunny house.
  • Accessories include skateboard, water pistol, flashlight, book with ghost stories, decorated plates, pizza, I love heartlake city cup, board game, map of Heartlake City Park, boomerang, love letter plate, bird's nest, egg and carrot.
  • Hiss down the zipline and then climb up the climbing net back up into the tree house.
  • Prepare an exciting night for Mia's girlfriends with ghost stories in the light of flashlights, board games and pizza. Then look at what Daniel keeps in his box in the attic.
  • Grab the skateboard and spin around in the Heartlake City Park or have fun around the tree house with one of the great sports equipment.
  • Animal lover Mia takes care of her bunny and the cute little bird nesting in her tree in her house.
  • Suitable for 6-12 years.
  • The tree house is over 16 cm high, 17 cm wide and 16 cm deep
  • The rabbit hutch is over 3 cm high, 4 cm wide and 3 cm deep.

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