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Mia's Bedroom 41327


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Mia's Bedroom 41327
Mia's Bedroom 41327

LEGO Friends: Mia's Room (41327)

Climb Up to Mia's tree house and call her friends along with the walkie-talkie. Jump on the skateboard and practice on the ramp. Play with her Bunny Twister and give him enough to eat before grabbing the skateboard or paddle and get into an outdoor adventure with Mia. 

Equipment & Special Features:

  • Includes Mia as a character and Twister as a bunny figure.
  • With loft in the form of a tree house with ladder, skateboard ramp, bunny barn and flag, on a green heart-shaped base.
  • Accessories include a skateboard, a paddle, a walkie-talkie, a carrot and a basket.
  • Take care of Mia's bunny in her room.
  • Try new skateboard tricks on the ramp before meeting your friends in Heartlake City.
  • Help Mia climb into her great treehouse bed and bring her to bed after an exciting day.
  • Suitable for 6-12 years.
  • Mia's room is over 9 cm high, 9 cm wide and 9 cm deep.
  • Combine it with 41328 Stephanie's room and 41329 Olivia's large room, discover even more LEGO Friends rooms and collect all heart-shaped base plates.

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