Meeples Set

Brick Mini™


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  • All Meeples pieces are originally designed and manufactured by Brick Mini™
  • Meeples pieces are injection-cast from high-quality ABS plastic
  • Contains 13 pieces total
  • Choking hazard. Small Parts. Not suitable for children under 6 years

Meeples! We all love board games - even your miniature figures love board games! Brick Mini™ Meeples are perfectly scaled to fit in the hands of your miniature figures for when they're having their own game nights. Design your own board game and use Brick Mini™ Meeples as the player pawns!

If you love to build micro-scale, Brick Mini™ Meeples are an excellent choice for populating micro-scale towns and space stations. If you use a Brick Mini™ 1x1 Base Frame in combination with a Meeple, you can make them stand perfectly flush with the ground, adding realism to any micro-diorama!

Includes: 1 Black Meeple, 1 White Meeple, 1 Tan Meeple, 1 Reddish-brown Meeple, 1 Light-bluish Gray Meeple, 1 Dark-bluish Gray Meeple, 1 Dark Red Meeple, 1 Dark Blue Meeple, 1 Dark Purple Meeple, 1 Dark Green Meeple, 1 Green Meeple, 1 Olive Green Meeple, 1 Dark Tan Meeple.

PLEASE NOTE: LEGO® Minifigure NOT Included and used for illustration purposes ONLY.