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Lifesize LEGO® Flower - Red, Blue, Yellow


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Lifesize LEGO® Flower - Red, Blue, Yellow
Lifesize LEGO® Flower - Red, Blue, Yellow
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If you ever played with Lego you most likely recognise this iconic flower. Today you can also place it somewhere at home as an awesome decoration piece! The colourful flowers can be detached from the stem so you can change them up and customize them just as the miniature version. We can also deliver the flowers on its own so you can make the best colour combinations.

The flower has a height of about 20cm!

Height: 20 Centimetres; Width: 20 Centimetres; Depth: 18 Centimetres

These flowers are made with 3Dprinters and the material PLA which is a biodegradable material.

Minifigure NOT included. Shown for scale. 

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