LEGO® Penguin Boy Minifigure Plush Toy

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Add some fun to your LEGO® collection with this plush version of Penguin Boy, inspired by the LEGO Minifigure Collection 71013, Series 16.

In keeping with Penguin Boy's active imagination of waddling around a snowy backyard and eating fish-shaped bologna sandwiches, kids will enjoy creating imaginative scenarios with this huggable arctic wanderer, all in the name of fun.

Penguin Boy is durably constructed with a soft body and flat feet, enabling him to stand upright on shelves as collectible room décor when not part of playtime action.

Unlike classic LEGO toys, these plush Minifigures do not have moveable arms or legs instead, they are made for soft toy play and snuggling. Officially licensed plush collectible from Manhattan Toy.

Suitable for ages: Newborn and up