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LEGO® Emma's Art Stand 41332


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LEGO® Emma's Art Stand 41332
LEGO® Emma's Art Stand 41332

LEGO Friends: Emma's Art Stand (41332)

Emma pulls her art kiosk on her cool scooter in the Heartlake City Park. Here she prefers to paint her caricatures. Open the windows to show the pictures she wants to sell today, and help her at checkout. Her kitten Chico naps on his bed while Emma works on her easel on her latest work of art. Your best friends are your greatest inspiration! 

Equipment & Special Features:

  • Contains the character Emma and the cat figure Chico.
  • Contains an art kiosk that can be opened on three sides, a sales counter, a cash register and a cat bed, as well as a scooter and a separate painting area with an easel, chair and tree.
  • Accessories include a motorcycle helmet, several ornate stones, a price list, a Heartlake City Park map, a "I love Heartlake City" mug, a biscuit and a bow.
  • Time with Emma all her best friends at her favorite places in and around Heartlake City.
  • Visit friends by scooter or drag the art kiosk into Heartlake City Park.
  • Take care of Chico and tie a nice blue bow around his head.
  • To play the kiosk can be opened on three pages.
  • Suitable for 6-12 years.
  • Emma's art kiosk is over 9 cm high, 14 cm long and 6 cm wide.
  • The scooter is over 5 cm high, 5 cm long and under 1 cm wide.
  • For even more fun in the Heartlake City Park can be combined with 41330 football training with Stephanie, 41333 Olivia's rescue vehicle, 41334 Andreas stage in the park and 41335 Mia's tree house.

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