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Crocodile Locomotive #10277 Light Kit

Light My Bricks

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Crocodile Locomotive #10277 Light Kit
Crocodile Locomotive #10277 Light Kit
Crocodile Locomotive #10277 Light Kit
Crocodile Locomotive #10277 Light Kit
Crocodile Locomotive #10277 Light Kit

All aboard! Step back in time with the LEGO Crocodile Locomotive 10277 as it leaves the station for one more historic voyage. All model train lovers and rail historians will enjoy lighting up this dream LEGO set.

This classic caboose requires a more subtle approach! With an economic LED count of just 12 lights, less is truly more when it comes to authentically lighting this historic set. The perfect display addition for any railway enthusiast.

Light My Bricks LEGO® Lighting Kits provide an easy way for LEGO® fans to customize their models using LED lights. With detailed, step-by-step instructions, anyone can light up their LEGO® set.


12 x Assorted Bit Lights

3 x Expansion Boards

2 x Connecting Cables

4 x Adhesive Squares

1x USB Power Cable (Power Source Not Included)

9 x Assorted LEGO® pieces for assembly


This lighting kit is powered by a USB Power Bank, USB to AA Battery Pack, or USB Power Adaptor , which is NOT included in this kit.


User guide instructions for our kits can be found on the Users Guides section of our website.


Do you have multiple Light My Bricks Lighting Kits or wish to light up multiple sets using a single power function?

We have a Multi-Light Kit Connection Kit which makes it easy to connect up to 4 lighting kits together. You can even connect these kits together to create an even larger single lighting circuit!


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