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Hunting replicants is dirty, dangerous work, and any hard-boiled minifig detective knows they need a sidearm like the BrickArms M2019 to survive on the scifi city streets!

An updated design of a BrickArms classic, the BrickArms M2019 Reloaded features new, fine detailing and is overmolded multiple times in Gunmetal, Black, Silver, and Trans Orange to capture the essence of its inspiration, making it a true colletors' item.

+ Special Bonus Included: LAPD 2049 Blaster

All BrickArms Reloaded items are designed and produced by Will Chapman, the founder of BrickArms, in his workshop in Redmond, WA. Using the latest developments in minifigure accessory design and custom tooling, Chapman is able to produce detailed, multi-colored accessories using a multi-step 'overmolding' injection process. The resulting collectors' items are known as BrickArms Reloaded.