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BA WW1 Trench Pack V2


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BA WW1 Trench Pack V2
BA WW1 Trench Pack V2
BA WW1 Trench Pack V2
BA WW1 Trench Pack V2

Wage the war to end all wars with the BrickArms WW1 Trench Pack V2!  Updated with two versions of the brand-new BrickArms Lebel 1886 Rifle (with and without bayonet), this pack includes all the weaponry minifigures need for a battle royale across the Eastern and Western fronts, with American, British, French,German, and Russian weapons all ready for trench warfare action!  

• Lebel 1886 Rifle (NEW!)
• Lebel 1886 Rifle w/Bayonet (NEW!)
• Gewehr98 Rifle
• SMLE Mk3 Rifle
• Tankgewehr
• M1895 Russian Rifle
• M1903 WW1 Rifle
• M1903 WW1 Rifle w/Bayonet
• Mosin Nagant Unscoped
• Trench Mace War Club
• M97 Trench Shotgun
• Black Trench Knife

Minifigure NOT Included.

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