BA Russian Weapons Pack V3

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Heat up any LEGO minifigure Cold War with the BrickArms Russian Pack V3!

This weapons pack includes World War II and modern-era Russian pistols, assault rifles, machine guns, and more, so no minifig will be left in the cold with over 16 different custom minifigure accessories to choose from, including the brand new SVT-40 rifle! Includes:

• SVT-40 (NEW!)
• AK rifle
• AKM assault rifle
• AK-Apoc rifle
• AK-12 rifle
• AK-GL rifle
• AK-SV sniper rifle
• AKS74U carbine
• PPSh v2 SMG
• RPG-7
• TT-33 Pistol
• Mosin Nagant w/Scope sniper rifle
• RPD with Ammo Drum machine gun
• DP-28 with Ammo Drum
• Dark Brown Ushanka

Minifigure NOT included.