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BA Blaster Weapons Pack


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BA Blaster Weapons Pack

War rages across the galaxy, so arm your figs for science-fiction adventures with the 2016 BrickArms Blaster Pack! T21 and Bolt-Caster scopes are modular and friction-fit

Pack includes:

• EE-3 Blast Carbine

• Bolt-Caster with Bow and Scope

• A-280C Blast Rifle • E-11 Blast Carbine

• DLT-20A Heavy Blast Rifle

• DC-15S Blast Carbine

• FOE-11C Blast Carbine

• NN-14 Blast Pistol

• A-295 Blast Rifle

• CA-87 Shock Cannon

• DH-17 Blast Carbine

• T21 Heavy Blast Rifle with Scope

• T21-B Heavy Blast Rifle with Scope

• DC-15 Blast Rifle


You can permanently attach the scopes with superglue.

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