Avengers Movie - Captain America Shawarma US Exclusive Pop! Deluxe #758

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The Avengers - Captain America Victory Shawarma Diorama Deluxe Pop! Vinyl Figure

Saving the world can be tiring work, even if you’re a superhero, so it’s no wonder our favourite Avengers get the munchies after a long fought battle. What do Avengers eat you ask? Well if the post-credits scene in The Avengers is anything to go by, the answer is obvious… Shawarma!

Although our heroes never spoke a word, the visual of them sitting around the table, exhausted as they chowed down on Shawarma was a hilarious moment, yet it also showed how difficult it must be having such responsibility.

Now you can you can relive this iconic “last supper” with Funko’s new Avengers “Shawarma Scene” Pop! Diorama set. Featuring all six Avengers who appeared in the scene, this diorama set is the perfect piece for the true Marvel fan.

Here we have Captain America enjoying some delicious Shawarma, also available in the set will be Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor, Iron Man aka Tony Stark and Bruce Banner.

Add the new Avengers Shawarma Scene Pop! Vinyl Diorama Set to your Funko collection today!