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BA Allies Weapons Pack V2


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BA Allies Weapons Pack V2
BA Allies Weapons Pack V2
BA Allies Weapons Pack V2

New for 2018, the Allies Pack v2 comes with WW2 weaponry from Britain and the US.  All wood-styled weapons are moulded in dark walnut brown, which is darker than the reddish-brown found in the v1 pack.  It also comes with a new BUILDABLE Lewis gun!

It includes:
• NEW BUILDBABLE Lewis Gun with Ammo Drum & Ring Bipod
• Bazooka 
• M6 Rocket 
• Sten Gun and Magazine 
• M1903 with Scope 
• M1917 Pistol 
• M1911 V.2 
• BAR 
• Bren Gun 
• M1A1 SMG 
• M1 Carbine (Full Stock) 
• SMLE Rifle 
• M1 Garand Rifle 
• M97 Trench Shotgun 
• Ammo Clip 
• Bipod 
• M1 Steel Pot Helmet 
• Brodie Helmet 
• 2x Monopods

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