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Flat Battery Pack (CR2032)

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Flat Battery Pack (CR2032)
Flat Battery Pack (CR2032)

Our Flat Battery Pack comes with an attached connecting cable, allowing you to connect to and power your LEGO® lighting components.

The Flat Battery Pack is small in size, perfect for concealing inside a LEGO® set, such as our Car Light Kits. 

However, the Flat Battery Pack should only be used to power no more than 20 individual LED lights.

Use our AA Battery Packs when you are attempting to power more than 20 individual LEDs.

Physical dimensions for the Flat Battery Pack are 51mm x 22mm x 6mm. The connecting cable attached is approximately 15cm.

CR2032 Batteries are not included in this pack.

All our components are plug and play - no electronics knowledge needed!

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